NiṢO- A logistics planning App UI Case


NiṢO is a logistics application but not in the way you would expect. It is a product built for all Logistics business companies with the intent of helping them effectively plan pickup-and-delivery routes for their dispatch transporters.

Problem Statement

Most, if not all logistics companies have a particular challenge in common — the effective sorting and sharing of pickup-and-delivery routes among dispatch riders.

Dispatch riders of logistic companies have been found to pass some routes multiple times in a day to carry out pickup and delivery operations that could have been done in a single route passage if careful planning had been done. The consequences of this is wastage of resources; for example, riders use a lot of fuel for multiple passing of the same route, longer time is spent on dispatch operations daily and when there are numerous locations, the planning of these routes become difficult and tiring for the managers.


NiṢO is a dispatch planning application that is created for logistics managers to quickly and easily plan pickup and delivery operations for their riders in such a way that a rider performs his operations for the day without needing to pass any route multiple times within the same day. Even if he passes a route multiple times, the number of times he does this is significantly reduced.

By taking into account the number of riders, pickup, and delivery locations using Google maps for easy navigation, and using a vehicle routing algorithm, NiṢO helps find the most optimal route for each rider to take.

Target Audience

Who: Logistics Firms and SMEs that carry out their own deliveries

Why: To help them optimize delivery and pick-up routes which would help their riders work effectively and also help minimize fuel usage.

How: A simple and easy mobile application.

User Persona

The problem statement was brought to light by a co-owner of a Logistics company in Lagos, Nigeria-(414 Logistics). He complains about the daily struggle of manually organizing, managing, and optimizing pick-up and delivery routes for multiple riders. Hours are spent on planning and sometimes deliveries/ pickups are forgotten. He also complains about riders going through a particular route more than once daily due to poor optimization which leads to the consumption of more fuel by the riders. He wants a system that helps him handle this problem and other logistics companies around him.

User Flow and Idea

High Fidelity WireFrame

Onboarding screens
Log In / Sign In/ Sign Up
Brief flow of App
Search Flow

After completing the optimization, The result is converted to a pdf for the company for easy documentation and distribution.




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